Interferometric Optics

Applications of F. J. Duarte's Research: Partial List

Duarte's contributions have found applications in atomic physics [1, 2], astronomy [3], chemistry [4], coherence [5], cytology [6], electrophoresis [7], femtosecond laser microscopy [8, 9], geodesics [10], geophysics [11], gravitational lensing [12], heat transfer [13], imaging [14, 15], laser isotope separation [16-19], laser medicine [20, 21], laser pulse compression [22-24], laser spectroscopy [25, 26], mathematical transforms [27], microfluidics [28], nanobiophotonics [29], nanoengineering [30], nanophotonics [31], nanotechnology [32], nonlinear optics [33], optofluidics [34], organic semiconductor lasers [35], phase imaging [36], polarization rotation [37, 38], quantum computing [39, 40], quantum entanglement [41], quantum fluctuations [42], quantum philosophy [43, 44], space exploration [45], and tunable diode laser design [46, 47].


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Published on the 9th of January, 2015; updated on the 4th of April, 2022.