Interferometric Optics

N-Slit Laser Interferometer

Interferometric Optics introduces its N-Slit Laser Interferometer (NSLI) applicable to:
  • Assessment of transmission gratings and optical surfaces
  • Detection of clear air turbulence (CAT)
  • Interferometric imaging
  • Interferometric microdensitometry
  • Interferometric microscopy
  • N-slit interference
  • N-slit interferometry
  • Secure interferometric communications
Based on multiple-prism beam expansion and digital detection the N-slit interferometer allows for the rapid interferometric characterization of transmission optical surfaces in general. A significant advance over traditional point-by-point incoherent microdensitometers and point-by-point incoherent microscopes. Specifications are given in [PDF].

Specific applications include the rapid characterization of:
  • Arrays of micro holes and/or micro nozzles
  • Biomedical and organic molecular arrays
  • Crystalline surfaces
  • Molecular, and digital, imaging surfaces
  • Optical surfaces
  • Textiles
  • Transmission gratings
Spatial resolution depends on the selected CCD or CMOS detector. As explained in the references, the resolution provided by the detector array can be enhanced, via quantum interferometric calculations, into the submicrometer or nanometer regime thus making the transition from microscope to nanoscope.


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Published on the 13th of September, 2009; updated on the 11th of January, 2024.