Interferometric Optics


Nanoscopy performed via quantum interference calculations

Since 1987

These are references on the optics derived from the application of Dirac's bra-ket notation to N-slit interferometry. As explained in the references Dirac's quantum approach is applicable to the propagation of a single photon or to the propagation of ensembles of indistinguishable photons.

Extremely expanded laser beam illumination (up to 3000:1)

Synonym: Extremely elongated Gaussian beam illumination

Optical architecture for the multiple-prism beam expander microscope/nanoscope (MPBEM/N). The beam incident on the object can be, for example, 25-60 mm wide X 20 µm high. This is an extremely elongated beam (in the plane of propagation) with a width to height ratio in the range of 1000:1 to 3000:1. Comparisons between theory and experiments, in the NSLI configuration, have been performed for even values (N = 2, 4, 6...) and odd values (N = 3, 5, 7...) of N. This includes the cases of two-slit interference, three-slit interference, four-slit interference, etc. (Duarte, 1991, 2002, 2005). For reviews see Tunable Laser Optics and Tunable Laser Applications).

The 1991 and 1993 papers also reported, for the first time, on the use of quantum mechanics techniques, via Dirac's notation, in the field of imaging and microscopy. In addition, these papers illustrated the prediction of measured interferograms using interferometric equations derived using Dirac's quantum notation.

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