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Not all patents granted are valid patents. It is not uncommon to find errors of math and physics in published patents. It is also not uncommon to find relevant prior art in the public domain. If you or your company are the subject of patent litigation, it is wise to obtain an experienced scientific opinion on the content of the patent, or patents, in question.

On the other hand, inventors often limit the scope and numbers of their claims. In this regard, if you are about to file it might be wise to invest a little extra and obtain an opinion on the scientific content of your application and on the extend of your claims.

At Interferometric Optics our expertise originates in a deep understanding of classical, semi-classical, and quantum optics, focused on real and practical applications. Our documented and published expertise includes:

Our patent services are offered, for a cost-effective one time fee (per patent), on a totally confidential basis. Opinions are delivered usually within a few days, from the request. Please contact us for a free first consultation.

Interferometric Optics

Published on the 22nd of December, 2011; updated on the 20th of January, 2013.