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At Interferometric Optics you will deal directly with an expert. Given our extensive industrial experience we understands clearly the challenges and demands facing the manufaturing community in the USA. In this regard, Interferometric Optics is particularly aware of time and cost constraints imposed by present day competition. Our light and agile structure allow us to provide rapid response and execution at a very competitive cost. For the aerospace, aviation, biological, chemical, imaging, materials, medical, or textile industries, Interferometric Optics opens alternatives with original optics solutions integrating:

for a more complete listing of subjects and topics please visit our expertise listing.

Additional service areas include:

Based in Western New York (near Rochester), Interferometric Optics, offers consulting services to large, well established companies, in addition to small start-up businesses, in a totally confidential manner. Please contact us for a free first consultation.

Interferometric Optics

Published on the 27th of May, 2006; updated on the 16th of March, 2015.